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Shop LED Lights in Canada


So, you finally decided it’s time for LED lights. Probably because you just sighed again at the total of your monthly energy bill. Or because you noticed that all your neighbours have LED lights. Or because you just read about the increasing popularity of LED lights in Canada, and the increasing affordability of LED lights in Canada. Being that you’re a smart online shopper, you know that many websites sell from over the border, which means expensive shipping and longer waits. That’s why you decided to choose Bright-On; because you want your LED lights coming from Canada and Canadians like you. Cool, we just read your mind!

There’s a reason that LED lights are becoming so popular in Canada. LED lights are durable, use minimal energy, and provide a pure light. Very often, LED lights are brighter than other lighting solutions available in Canada. Many of the traditional bulbs that you own are now available as an LED light. If you’re trying to replace a traditional 60 watt A bulb, you’ll be glad to know that you can find an affordable version as an LED light, right here in Canada! The wattage on the replacement LED light is approximately 10 watts! The same applies for halogen spotlights, such as MR16. Many consumers are now replacing halogen spotlights for the LED light version. This allows them to save enormously on energy consumption and provide a consistent and pure LED light spread throughout the application. Hotels and nursing facilities in Canada are saving thousands per year on a retrofit from halogen to LED light. LED holiday lights are also really hot in Canada, as people are spicing their trees and holiday strings with beautiful miniature LED lights!


But watch out- you’ll find a lot of LED lights sold in Canada that are made in foreign countries from inferior material. All LED lights on Bright-On are commercial grade quality that are used in expensive settings, but we drop the expensive price tag! Our LED lights last between 25000-60000 hours. Many of our LED lights have Energy Star certification in Canada. So, when shopping for LED lights in Canada, you know you’re in the right place! Shop your way on Bright-On!.ca