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Choosing your Colour

Picking out the right light bulb can be confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with lighting terminology.  Colour temperature is a good example. Since it is difficult to demonstrate a bulb’s colour without a demonstration, lighting companies use terms like: warm white, cool white, or daylight to describe their bulbs. Though easy to remember, your idea of warm white or cool white might be very different than a lighting manufacturers. However, a simple lesson in colour temperature can help you pick the right shade of white.

The Scale

Colour temperature is measured on a scale that typically ranges from 2700-6500 Kelvin (K).  Light at the lower end of the spectrum appears to have yellow hue while light at the higher end tends to appear more blue.


Fans of the old incandescent light bulbs can take solace in the fact that CFLs and LEDs in this temperature range emit the same colour of light, while using less energy.  The yellowish hue also referred to as warm white or soft white is typically used in homes, hotels or anyplace designed to inspire relaxation. Bulbs in this range are also the most common and are readily available at local hardware stores.


The 3500-4100K range is easily the whitest form of light and lacks the yellow hue of lower temperatures or the blue hue of higher temperatures. These bulbs are fantastic for work spaces, kitchens or any other place where detailed work is being done. Restaurants aiming for fast customer turnover often choose bulbs in this range.


Use 5000K-6500k bulbs to encourage productivity. The bulbs in the highest range give off a blue white light and are labeled as natural or daylight, since they are the closest colour temperature to sunlight. The 5000K-6500K range’s most common usage is in office or factory settings due to their aforementioned tendency to increase productivity.

Buying bulbs can be confusing. However, if you’re armed with basic knowledge of colour temperature you can make sure to get the right shade of white for every room.

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